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Shockwave Therapy

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Electromagnetic shock wave instrument is the use of electromagnetic waves generated by the energy into a precise electromagnetic shock wave, Through the physical medium conduction (such as air, liquid, etc.) acting on the human body, resulting in biological effects, is the sudden release of energy generated by high energy pressure wave, with the pressure transient and high-speed transmission characteristics. The use of electromagnetic gas to generate energy, driving the handle of the bullet body, so that the impact of the bullet to the impact of parts of the device, the instrument is designed to affect the body long-term affected by the pain.

Shock wave care principle is to promote the accumulation of calcium deposition, enhance blood circulation to relieve pain. Shock waves have the following aspects:

▶ Cells: enhances cell membrane permeability by increasing ion channel activity, promoting cell division, and stimulating cytokine production.

▶ Tendon and Muscle Vessels: Improve blood circulation, increase growth factor beta 1, and enhance osteoblast mitosis.

▶ Nitrogen oxide system: accelerates bone remodeling and healing.

▶ Improve microcirculation and metabolism.

▶ Promotes the dissolution of calcified fibroblasts.

▶ Promote the synthesis of collagen.


▶ reduce tissue tension.

▶ analgesic effect. Advantage 1, efficient, rapid relief of pain; 2, safe and convenient, without anesthesia, non-invasive operation; 3, the use of time is short, each treatment about 20 minutes, cycle 5-10 times; 4, a wide range of indications, customers and soft tissue pain most apply

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